Presenter Info

We hope you are keeping up to date on information being slowly added to the website. You’ll see your paper title and authors there now, and soon your designation as presenter.

If you have not submitted your recording consent form, your talk will not be recorded
nor posted on the website. The form is linked below. If you have submitted your pre-recorded video, we will do our best to play it offline along with your presentation so that if you have problems we can take up where you left off. Please be aware that you might not know that others cannot hear you. Session chairs may need to make the call to switch to the recorded version.
As described therein, we are also offering to record your talk, post it to the Penn State, College of IST YouTube channel, and then to post a link the conference website. 
Please return the consent form  so we can inform sessions chairs of your desires. Also, please be sure to upload your pre-recorded talk to the conference website or use the link below. This would help us be ready for any technical difficulties. Again, we will keep that pre-recorded version private unless you consent to its sharing (via the consent form)
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