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Our conference is being held on Zoom, hosted by Penn State University. In order to ensure an enjoyable conference, we have put a few safeguards in place. Also please note to facilitate later sharing, the sessions, including chats, are being recorded (except where presenters declined consent).


Where can I find the Zoom meeting ID and password for each session?

On the password protected conference program on the website (link coming soon) OR in an email sent to you by Carleen Maitland ( on or around June 15th.

Each day of the conference will have only two or three Zoom meeting IDs (with the exception of the poster session). This way, we are minimizing the number of times you have to enter meetings.


What can I expect when I enter the Zoom meeting room?

Upon entering the meeting, you will be put in a waiting room. This is to promote secure sessions. The waiting room will be checked against registration rolls so only known members of the community can be admitted. Please plan to arrive early and be patient during this process.

Also, in the waiting room, please refrain from using chat so we use this tool exclusively to communicate problems to those waiting. If you’re having a problem being admitted, look in the chat to see if there are messages to you.


Once admitted, now what?

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Zoom prior to the conference to enhance your experience.

Use of microphone: You will enter the meeting room on mute. You may have some control to unmute depending on the session chair’s preferences. It may be appropriate, for instance, to have conversations when few people are in the room. When rooms become crowded, if you have control of your mic, please mute and use chat.


Use of video: We encourage use of video. It is great when people can see one another live. However, we know this is not viable for some. In this case, we encourage you to upload a photo (we prefer the real you, rather than your cat!). Your smiling face facilitates networking and helps overcome the deficits of not being face-to-face.


Chat: We will rely heavily on the chat function. You can message ‘everyone’ or select individual participants for private chats. Private chats conducted during recorded sessions are NOT recorded. Public chats during recorded presentations ARE also recorded. During sessions you can pose questions in the chat or raise your hand. Session chairs will provide guidance on posing questions using chat, raise your hand, or both.


Your identity: You will notice your name below your picture or video. This is the equivalent of your name tag. Please use Zoom’s ‘rename’ function and append your organizational affiliation (university, firm, non-profit, government agency, etc.).


What if I missed a session and want to watch the video later?

It is our intention to make recordings of the live sessions where presenter consent is granted. We hope to have those videos available as soon as possible after the session, for example by the end of the day.


How is the poster session different?

Unlike the main sessions, where it’s one long meeting, the poster sessions are time-limited. This will allow all poster presenters (nearly) dedicated time and allow poster presenters to attend other posters as well. So beware – at the end of the poster time slot, a timer will start to count down and automatically close down the meeting.

To facilitate these transitions (meeting to meeting), for posters only waiting rooms will not be used.


What if I’m having a problem?


Waiting room: Look at the chat; please be sure your registration name matches your zoom name (rename if necessary).


During the session: if you lose your connection and need to re-enter the meeting, you will need to be admitted. Please be patient. Penn State staff will be manning the waiting rooms and know people may need to be admitted at any time. If it’s during the coffee break, try that session.

Also, in the emailed version of this information private communication channels are provided.



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